Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Evans Cake

Baby Boy Shower Cake..
This was a cake that I made for my sister's baby shower. At the time we did not know the name of baby Evans (who is now Tucker Evans) so I named the cake Baby Evans..

I made the diaper as a side thought.. She originally wanted a 'diaper cake' but I had to take baby steps! Maybe Krysten's next baby shower! ;)


She had a *drop by* shower so I made cupcakes to match the cake in case some guests could not stay for the cake cutting.


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  1. So I can personally say that this cake was amazing. It received wonderful raves and was an awesome cake!
    Anyone thinking about having a cake made should consider having this one made.
    Of course you can choose the design of the cake to be different but the inside was a yellow cake layered with strawberries, whipped heavy cream, and homemade butter cream icing.